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Loving God with All Our Minds


Loving God with All Our Minds

The fourth annual EPS apologetics conference. Sessions include:
Evidence for Christianity; William Lane Craig:
Love God with All Your Mind ; J.P. Moreland:
Dealing with Emotional Doubt; Gary Habermas:
The Privileged Planet; Guillermo Gonzalez:
Intelligent Design at the Foundation of Life; Michael Behe: The Historic Reliability of the Gospels; Craig Blomburg: New Testament Archaeology: Bryant Wood: Islam; Emir Caner:
The Unnaturalness Naturalism; Garry DeWeese:
The Changing World of Mormonism; Craig Hazen: Pluralism; Doug Geivett: Evil and the Justice of God; N.T. Wright.
Plus additional sessions by Greg Koukl, Paul Nelson, Bruce Gordon, Harrold Netland, Mike Licona, Rob Bowman, David Horner, Michael Murray, Sean McDowell and Brett Kunkle

Location: McLean Bible Church, Washington, D.C.
Date: November 2006
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