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Reason for the Hope Within


Reason for the Hope Within

The third annual EPS apologetics conference.

Sessions include:
Plenary sessions with J.P. Moreland, Ben Witherington III, Francis Beckwith and Greg Koukl.
Is Evolution the Best Explanation for Ethics? Greg Koukl:
Does the Universe Point to the Existence of God? ? Doug Geivett:
How Could a Loving God Command Genocide? Paul Copan:
Who Did Jesus Think He Was?  Michael Wilkins:
Can a Strong Case be Made for the Resurrection? Gary Habermas:
Can Christian Truth be True in a Postmodern World? Garry DeWeese:
What about those who've Never Heard about Jesus? William Lane Craig:
Case for a Creator; Sean McDowell
Plus additional sessions by Robin Collins, Gene Carpenter, Steve Cowan, Michael Murray, Charles Quarles, Craig Evans, Bryant Wood, Justin Taylor, David Horner and Brett Kunkle

Location: Branch Creek Community Church, Harleysville, PA
Date: November 2005
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