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Set Forth Your Case


Set Forth Your Case

The first annual EPS apologetics conference.

Sessions include:
Has the American Church lost her Mind? J.P. Moreland: A Call to Intellectual Engagement; Doug Geivett: Dealing with Doubt; Gary Habermas: The Life of the Mind; Sean McDowell: Is Allah the God of the Bible?  William Lane Craig: Trinity: Liability or Asset?  David Clark: Contemporary Science and Belief in God; Jay W. Richards: Are Moral Values Just Human Inventions? Francis Beckwith: Jesus the Jew; Darrell Bock: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ as an Event in History; N.T. Wright
Making Sense of Christianity in a World of Religions; Craig Hazen
Plus additional sessions by Sean McDowell, Doug Groothuis, Chad Meister, Greg Koukl, Craig Evans, Douglas Blount, Paul Copan, Harrold Netland and Russ Bush

Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Date: November 2003
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