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Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All-Good


Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All-Good

Our seventh booklet "God is All-Good" raises profound and very important questions about the foundation of moral values. Papa Bear maintains that without God moral values and duties have no foundation and are therefore just subjective matters of opinion. The terrible consequences of such an atheistic view are made plain. But Papa goes on to explain that God Himself is the foundation for objective moral values and duties. Papa thereby answers an age-old objection to basing morality in God: is something good just because God wills it, or does God will something because it is good? This is a false dilemma. The answer is that God wills something because He is good. That is to say, God is Himself the standard of goodness, and His commands are expressions of His nature. Thus, God's commandments are not arbitrary but reflect the nature of a Being who is Goodness itself. This understanding of the basis of right and wrong, good and bad, will equip your child to meet the challenges of a secular society which has lost its moral moorings and to answer those who resist basing morality in God. Moreover, God's being absolute Goodness serves to throw our own sinfullness and need of redemption into sharp relief, thus pointing us toward the Savior.
William Lane Craig
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