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Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All-Loving


Dr. Craig's What is God Like? God is All-Loving

The eighth booklet in our series "God is All-Loving" emphasizes God's unconditional love for us. God's love for us is not based upon our performance. Even though God hates our sin, He loves us. This wonderful truth is unique to the Judaeo-Christian faith. Other religions like Islam teach that God's love is conditional and has to be earned. But the God of the Bible loves sinners. God's unconditional love is the basis upon which we can accept ourselves, despite all our shortcomings. Understanding God's love can thus help your child to have a proper self-image. It can also help us to see that we should love others, too, whether they are nice or not, since God loves them unconditionally.
William Lane Craig
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