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Dr. Craig's What is God Like? The Greatness of God


Dr. Craig's What is God Like? The Greatness of God

Issue 10: The Greatness of God
According to St. Anselm, God is the greatest being conceivable. For if we could think of something greater than God, then that would be God! This series of ten booklets has been all about the greatness of God. We have seen that God is incorporeal, omnipresent, eternal, self-existent, omniscient, omnipotent, the paradigm of goodness, omnibenevolent, and triune. By sharing these booklets with your children you have expanded their minds to contemplate the greatest being conceivable. God is not like Zeus, the Tooth Fairy, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or any other finite thing. Your children, if they have absorbed these booklets, will never be fooled by any of the paltry substitutes for God marketed in popular culture. We hope, too, that their awe and worship of God will have grown more profound. This tenth booklet "The Greatness of God" does not add an additional attribute to our concept of God but sums up the entire series and issues in adoration and worship of God.
William Lane Craig
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