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God Under Fire


God Under Fire

Refuting recent attacks on the classical Christian view of God, God Under Fire addresses complex questions. Is God bound by time? Does God change? How can we reconcile the existence of God and suffering? In answer, God Under Fire compares today's trendy images of Divinity to the transcendent and relational God of historic Christianity. With clarity and logic, this book helps readers come to their own conclusions about the God of the Bible, the God of reviving power and redemptive love. Contributions by Gerald Bray, D.A. Carson, William Lane Craig, R. Douglas Geivett, Charles Gutenson, Paul Helm, Patrick Lee, James Spiegel, Mark Talbot, Bruce Ware and more

Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN-13: 978-0310232698
Number of Pages
Editors: Douglas Huffman, Eric Johnson