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Jesus Resurrection: Fact or Figment?


Jesus Resurrection: Fact or Figment?

Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Figment? Is a lively and provocative debate between Christian philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig and New Testament scholar and atheist Gerd Lüdemann. This published version of a debate originally set at Boston College invites the responses of two additional scholars on either side of the issue. Robert Gundry, a New Testament scholar, and Stephen Davis, a philosopher, argue in support of a historical and actual resurrection, while Michael Goulder and Roy Hoover, both New Testament scholars, offer their support for Gerd Lüdemann's view that the resurrection was based on the guilt-induced visionary experience of the disciples. The book concludes with a final response from Gerd Lüdemann and from William Lane Craig.

Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN-13: 978-0830815692
Editors: Paul Copan, Ronald Tacelli
Number of Pages

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