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The Apologetics Study Bible for Students (Paperback)


The Apologetics Study Bible for Students (Paperback)

Content for the Apologetics Study Bible for Students
The Apologetics Study Bible for Students has been a remarkable success since its first release in 2010. It will anchor young Christians in the truths of Scripture by equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses for whenever the core issues of their faith and life are challenged.

Now, there is a new version that includes fresh articles and features, including:
  • Is Religion the Cause of Evil In the World?
  • If God Made Everything, Why Shouldn't We Smoke Pot?
  • How Can Christians Say that Jesus Is the Only Way?
  • Why Does God Allow Evil?
  • Should Christians Practice Yoga?
  • The Transgender Question.

In addition to the complete CSB text and dozens of articles collected from today’s most popular youth leaders, including general editor Sean McDowell, Ph.D., this new study Bible also includes:

  • Two-color design-intensive layout on every page for the visual generation
  • Sixty-five “Twisted Scriptures” explanations
  • Fifty-five “Bones & Dirt” entries (archaeology meets apologetics)
  • Fifty “Notable Quotes”
  • Thirty “Tactics” against common anti-Christian arguments
  • Twenty-five “Personal Stories” of how God has worked in real lives
  • Twenty-five “Top Five” lists to help remember key apologetics topics
Sean McDowell
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