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The Atonement Book with Study Guide


The Atonement Book with Study Guide

How did Christ's death overcome the estrangement and condemnation of sinners before a holy God, so as to reconcile them to Him? A great variety of theories of the atonement have been offered over the centuries to make sense of the fact that Christ by his death has provided the means of reconciliation with God: ransom theories, satisfaction theories, moral influence theories, penal substitution theories, and so on. Competing theories need to be assessed by (i) their accord with biblical data and (ii) their philosophical coherence.

The Atonement: A Study Guide is the companion workbook to The Atonement by William Lane Craig. Designed to facilitate study in settings such as church small groups, university student groups, and local Reasonable Faith chapters, the study guide provides helpful tools, discussion questions, and points of practical application.

The Atonement offers in a concise compass an inter-disciplinary approach to the complex doctrine of the atonement, drawing upon biblical studies, church history, and analytic philosophy. With his characteristic thoroughness, William Lane Craig's comprehensive examination of the doctrine has yielded fresh insights, corrected many commonly-held mischaracterizations, and forged a formidable defense of this biblical doctrine which "lies at the heart of the Christian faith."

William Lane Craig is a professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and at Houston Baptist University, as well as the founder and President of the ministry Reasonable Faith. He earned a doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, England, as well as a doctorate in Theology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Germany. He has authored or edited over forty books, including Reasonable Faith (Crossway, 1984), The Only Wise God (Wipf & Stock, 2000), Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview (with J.P. Moreland)(IVP, 2003), and God Over All (Oxford, 2016). Visit his website at www.reasonablefaith.org.

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