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Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?" Children's book collection


Dr. Craig's "What is God Like?" Children's book collection

Dr. Craig’s “What is God Like?” children’s book collection is an easy-to-understand, Christ-centered way to teach children of the attributes of God. Dr. William Lane Craig has provided these illustrated teaching tools as a way to answer some of the profound questions the child in your life might ask. You can own all ten titles and follow the adventures of Brown Bear, Red Goose, and their two children, while encountering the accessible truths they teach about God and His omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, eternity, and so on. The titles in this bundle include:

God is All-Good
Good is All-Knowing
God is All-Loving
God is All-Powerful
God is Everywhere
God is Forever
God is Self-Sufficient
God is Spirit
God is Three Persons
The Greatness of God

The set comes as a collection and is tied together with a red ribbon. “What Is God Like?” is a truly unique resource that you and your children will love!

William Lane Craig
2013, 10 books total
William Lane Craig