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Enhanced Does God Exist? Debate DVD


Enhanced Does God Exist? Debate DVD

On April 4, 2009, William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens met at Biola University to debate the question of God's existence. In front of an overflow crowd and a global internet audience, they debated the origin and design of the universe, the implications of human morality, the deity of Jesus, and the validity of Christ's resurrection. It was a compelling clash of worldviews and an examination of the major arguments for and against Christianity and atheism.

This two-DVD set captures every moment of the debate (documented by 10 cameras). Bonus features include the pre-debate press conference, a question and answer session, and interviews with Craig and Hitchens. Does God Exist is a vital resource for anyone who doubts the Christian faith, or seeks convincing evidence to defend it.

Speakers: William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens
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