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Posted on January 10, 2018 11:45
My name is Eden Theule and I am a freshman Interdisciplinary Studies major at Biola.  I'm looking for employment among the Biola community.  I can watch kids, make sure you have food in the cupboards and dinner on the table, or help with any housework you might need done.

 I have lots of childcare experience, volunteering in my church's nursery and as a camp leader and babysitting for friends.  And I have three siblings including two younger brothers, which has given me years of experience helping manage family craziness.

I also am a good cook.  Last summer I did all the grocery shopping, meal-planning, and cooking for my family.  I know how to work with dietary restrictions and how to accommodate different needs and wants.

If interested please email or text me.  I'm happy to send you my resume and recommendation letters as well.
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