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Posted on February 14, 2018 12:16

Congratulations on your engagement! :)

My fiance and I were planning to get married in November, but decided to postpone; we are going to have our ceremony at our church instead, but have this wedding package that we paid for. :)  Rest assured, we have spoken to the staff, and they said that we could transfer it to someone else. :)

This package is located at Albertson Wedding Chapel, in Los Angeles, and can be done on any date between now and March 12, 2018. It is the "Soul Mates" package, minus the marriage license, notary fee, and marriage certificate. (That can be added on, though, for $155.)
[This package is listed on their website for $1489 for a Friday or Sunday, and $1529 for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. They are closed on Tuesdays.]

Here's what it includes:

* Christian Ceremony
* Photography
* Videography
* Bouquet and boutonnière

From Albertson Wedding Chapel's website:

*** Christian Ceremony ( ***
•Christian wedding ceremonies are performed by a Christian Pastor who shares a meaningful sermon on the subject of marriage, Love, fidelity and the role of God in your married life. It differs from the civil ceremony which would have no mention of God or the word "Holy" as in "Holy Matrimony". The point of view of a Christian wedding ceremony is that God chose you to be together and brought you together specifically to be married; that it is his plan fulfilled. It is an uplifting and inspirational Christian wedding ceremony with includes prayers, readings from the Bible and blessings. The lighting of a unity candle is included in the Christian wedding ceremony. You may also add your own vows to personalize the ceremony. A wedding entourage is welcome as well. A Christian wedding is great if you would like to use "el lazo" or "arras" in the ceremony.

•Luxurious Wedding Chapel
High ceilings, beautifully designed, natural light, modern mini-ballroom look

•The Wedding Minister
Excellent, fun, meaningful weddings in English, Bilingual or Spanish

•Wedding Coordinators
We make your wedding stress-free

•Our Stylish Flower Decor
Save thousands of dollars in decor by marrying here

•Custom Color Lighting
Choose Natural light, pink, blush, lilac, red or light blue

•Lux Bridal Changing Room
Arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony

•Wedding March Entourage
Walk down the aisle in style

•Chiavari Chairs
•Bluetooth Sound System
•Free Parking
•Unity Candle Ceremony
•LIVE WEBCAM upon request
•Excellent Client Support

•0 to 34 /40guests**
Daily Flat Rate/**Up to 40 guests O.K. on Sundays only.

*** Photography ( ***
•Approx. 200 amazing full resolution digital images
•Professional Wedding Portrait Package during and after your ceremony

*** Videography ( ***
•A glamorous 8-12 minute, beautifully edited highlight film of your wedding chapel ceremony. Perfect for sharing on youtube & Facebook includes file for easy downloading. Also with a free Vimeo app you can watch your video in HD on any smart TV.
•Ready in 8-10 business days
•Length of your favorite Song

*** Bouquet and boutonnière ( ***
All natural white and ivory. hydrangea, vendela roses and stalk flowers.
•Gorgeous fresh flower bouquets made just for you on the morning of your wedding. Each bouquet comes with a boutonnière for the groom.

Let me know if you have any questions; you can choose to do another type of photography or videography package/bouquet, etc., if you wanted. You can also have your pastor officiate instead.

Price is negotiable!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy planning! :)

wedding ceremony package
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