2003 Honda Pilot SUV
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Posted on August 11, 2019 16:11

For sale is a 2003 Honda Pilot in fair condition with 277,000 highway miles. It’s the more “luxurious“ model Pilot, with 3rd row fold-down seats (seats 8 total), leather interior, dual-zone climate control, aux input to the radio, and a rear ceiling DVD player. It spent most of its life in a rural area driving back roads and highways, and I’ve had it down in LA the past few years where it has also done great.

It would be a great car for someone who needs to get from point A to B on a budget and take a few kids or adults along with them; and not worry about getting a “nice” car dirty. It’d also be great for a new teen or college driver who you want to put in a big, safe car; that you might not care about too much if the car gets in an accident.

This car is in good mechanical shape and runs strong, without any ticks/hesitations/leaks. I’d drive it all over the west on a road trip if needed. It’s had the following recent work done:

  • Transmission fully rebuilt (4 years ago)
  • Compression check done at the transmission rebuild — compression was extremely strong and no cause for concern
  • New motor mounts (4 years ago)
  • New alternator (1 year ago)
  • New A/C compressor (2 years ago)
  • New tires (3 years ago)

Along with its regularly scheduled maintenance (oil/fluid changes, etc). I have documentation from the past few years of all of this major work; and some going documentation going back further than that.

Let’s be frank here — you’re looking at a car that’s 16 years old and has over 250,000 miles. We’ve owned it since 2008 and it’s gotten our families through multiple children. There’s some things that aren’t perfect, which I’m making clear here so there aren’t any surprises if you’re interested in buying:

  • There’s a good sized dent in rear-bumper, driver’s side: about 10 years ago the car was backed into a short pole in a parking lot. Only cosmetic damage, nothing mechanical. There’s a photo of the dent included.
  • The car has a few scrapes and scratches throughout the paint/mirrors/bumpers. There’s a small rock crack in the windshield which has been there for years and not grown larger. I can send photos of these.
  • The driver and passenger seat bases are ripped. It’s a common problem in Pilots, and a cheap pair of seat covers would cover these up so you wouldn’t even know the rips are there. They don’t affect the comfort of the seat.
  • The interior is overall pretty clean; but if you’re a neat freak, you might want to take it to get detailed in the interior. I did a good once-over cleaning but wasn’t able to get every nook and cranny. 
  • The front and rear A/C vents are missing/have broken a few of the slats. Doesn’t affect airflow at all, just a note.
  • The front, passenger’s side window doesn’t roll down because the window actuator (motor) is broken. It’s about a $50-75 part and about an hour’s worth of labor to fix for a casual person who knows their way around a car. I’d be happy to fix this if you’re willing to add $100 to your offer for the parts and my time. Since the A/C works great, we really don’t have too much of need to roll down this window, so we’ve never fixed it.

I’m pretty firm on the listed price, as I’ve priced it appropriately according to the info above. Email or text only; once I can discern a serious buyer I’m happy to talk on the phone to answer any questions and then meet in person so you can see it. I work on campus so it's convenient for me if you're nearby. We’d meet up in a public place near La Mirada/Fullerton, you’d be welcome to take a test drive around town and on the freeway, and if you like the car I’d take cash for it (no checks). I’ll have all the paperwork prepared (smog check, title transfer, bill of sale, etc) and have bought a car from the internet private-party before, so I can help guide you through the process. This sale is as-is, there are no refunds/exchanges, and no warranties are expressed or implied.

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