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Posted on April 25, 2020 18:56

I'm currently looking for a roommate for my 1 bedroom, 700 square feet house. I've lived alone for the last year and wanted to save finances, therefore I'm looking for a roommate. I am a 6th grade teacher and have a medium-sized dog.

My rent is $340 because I'm hoping for your flexibility with the living arrangement. Once in a while, I need a petsitter, and I'd also like to share the bedroom, so that is why the rent is adjusted. I'm looking for someone that is serious about their faith, involved in ministry of some type, and hopefully, is a very good communicator. 

Other details: The one bedroom is in Whittier, in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. There is enough parking for up to 3-4 cars, a nice backyard and front yard. I'm fairly clean, but not the best. I'm introverted, so a bit of a homebody, and very easy going. :) I'm also a professional, so once quarantine is over and I'm teaching during the school year, I'm gone most of the week day. 

I'm not necessarily in a rush to find a roommate, I'd just need to know a date so I can arrange a tour/rearrange the bedroom some. I'm hoping for a June 1 date. Feel free to email me if you are interested, have concerns/questions, etc. 
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