Female Roomie(s) Wanted for Shared Furnished Studio Apartment / Utilities+House Supplies Included!)
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Posted on June 21, 2021 12:06

Available September 9/26 (Sunday) ! If this ad is still up, then it is STILL AVAILABLE. 

More Photos Here: (these aren't completely up to date, since the layout will change, but it gives a solid idea of the space.)

Looking for 1 or 2 like-minded, friendly, CLEAN, TIDY, female roommate(or roommates) to share my studio apartment with my little cat & I in our LUXURY, SPACIOUS, FULLY FURNISHED, STUDIO Apartment in Irvine, CA!

The complex has amazing pool, jacuzzi, rooftop lounge with a pool tablet, ping pong, outdoor fire places, co-working space, clubhouse, and 2-story gym facility!

Since we would all be sharing the studio apartment together, so it's super important that we all vibe & get along. (Think Dorm-Style, but with a way more luxurious living space!)

You will have to go through the apartment's application process, pass background check, and have a proof of income, in order to qualify!

On top of signing the lease, we will also have an established Roommate Agreement.

What's Nearby:

Walking Distances to Coffee Shops, Boba, & Food

Groceries Stores 5-10 Minutes Away

Newport Beach 20 Minutes Away 

Huntington Beach 25 Minutes Away

Distance from Biola

If you're actively attending Biola in-person, the distance from Biola is about 25-35 minutes depending on when you leave.

Lease Duration:

September 2021 - September 2022 (12 Months)

Rent Price:

No Deposit Required

All Utilities and House Supplies Included!

For ONE Roommate - $975/month


For TWO Roommate - $650/month (per roomie)

Rent Reduction Available:

I go out of town often, so I may ask you to feed/watch my cat, which I will /reduce rent by $50-75 for that month, depending on the duration of the trip. (He is pretty self-sufficient for up to 3 days.)

All Utilities are INCLUDED:

High Speed Internet, Gas, Electric, Water, Renter's Insurance, Parcel Pending[for package deliveries] Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Etc., Renter's Insurance


All general house supplies/expenses such as Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Handsoap, Dish Soap, All Cleaning Supplies, Laundry Detergent (he certified), general cooking supplies like spices & cooking oils, so you don't need to worry about these expenses specifically. 

About the Apartment:

  • Modern Look & Feel (dark hardwood floors, tiles etc.)
  • Shared Bathroom (walk-in shower, very spacious)
  • Full Kitchen, including dishwasher (fully stocked with kitchen supplies, plates, cups, pots, pans, etc!)
  • In-Unit Washer & Dryer
  • AC / Heat
  • Spacious & Fully Furnished!

You Would Get:

  • Closet Space
  • 1/2 bathroom storage
  • A Three Drawer Dresser
  • A Small Desk (for one roommate only, not three) 
  • Some extra storage in the laundry room
  • Designated cabinets in the kitchen for your food & snacks, as well as space in the fridge/freezer.
  • Full use of the Kitchen, pots, pans, coffee maker, cups, mugs, plates, etc.

Roommate/Sleeping Arrangement:

  • Twin Bed Frame or Bunk Bed (new mattress & new comforter set included to match the apartment). If you would like to use your own bedding, just ensure it matches the colors in the apartment :)
  • New to provide your own sheets and pillows.


  • Guest are totally welcome always! For guests just coming for the evening or during the day just communicate to ensure the other don’t have plans in the apartment! Otherwise, there are lots of areas/rooftop lounges/outdoor fireplaces/BBQs in the complex to hang with your guest(s) by as well.
  • I do work from 7:30 - 3:30pm so if guests are coming during this time, I ask that you hang somewhere else in the complex.

As far as overnight guests.... As long as there is communication between us all on who’s coming in and out of the apartment, the couch is totally available for overnight guests!

About the Complex:

  • If you look up “Residences on Jamboree” online that’s the complex! The website has a lot of details on the awesome amenities.

About Me:

I am 26, Biola Alumni. I work full-time remotely as a Virtual Event Coordinator for a large tech company. I work typically from 7am - 3:30/4ish everyday. I love being active and going on camping trips, the beach, and all things OC.

If you're interested just shoot me a text 619-937-8514, or email my personal email:, or DM on IG @sarahbethbrown, and we can arrange to grab coffee sometime this month to talk about more about the this rental and give tours. :)
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