Female looking to join a house or apartment of other Biola folks!!
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Posted on November 22, 2021 19:42
Hi, I'm a recent Biola alum looking to move back into the area starting in January. If you have a spot for another roommate or need someone to sublease, I'm your girl.

My budget: $400 - $600/month
Looking to share a room

About me:
-Biola English and Torrey Honors College grad
-From Chicago and eager to escape the Midwest
-Like hiking, working out, climbing
-Currently working at Barnes & Noble and hoping to transfer to a Los Angeles location, also a freelance writer
-I've lived with a roommate my whole life so I like to think I'm easy to live with

What I like in a roommate:
-No snoring or excessively snoozing your alarm (sleep is sacred)
-Kind of organized
-Good at communicating your needs because I'm bad at taking hints

What I'm like as a roommate:
-No snoring or excessively snoozing alarm (everyone's sleep is sacred)
-Kind of organized (like my clothes will be on the floor but folded in neat piles)
-Night owl, sleep in usually
-Good at communicating my needs
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Last updated November 22, 2021 19:42

    $400 - $600/month

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