Internship Opportunity for a YouTube Channel + Social Media/Influencer Marketing
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Posted on May 06, 2022 17:22
If you're interested in learning more about how YouTube channels and Social Media marketing works from the business or production (video, editing, graphic design, etc.) side of things, there is an opportunity to intern with an established and growing YouTube channel and brand within the Tech niche, and eventually the finance niche.

Depending on your interest and skills you can learn any of the following:
- How to come up with ideas and grow a YouTube channel (producer type role)
- How YouTube Works (algorithm, platform, audience, etc.)
- How to create a sustainable and profitable YouTube Channel through brand deals (the business sales side of things)
- Video production (how to shoot video, light a scene, capture audio)
- How to edit videos for YouTube and social media
- And so much more

Depending on skillset and willingness to help with the actual creation of content and help with the running of the business, paid opportunities may be available.

If desired, there are opportunities for long-term work for those with qualifications, long-term potential, good work ethic, good cultural fit, and good character.

We can also fill out any necessary internship paperwork and talk to your professor so you can receive credits (provided they approve us).

If you have any interest in this sphere, please email with information on what your areas of interest are, any examples of work you have done, etc. Include in the title "BIOLA INTERNSHIP INQUIRY" This is a test to see if you read this and can follow instructions. Hint hint.

We can provide more information on the channel through email. We are located in La Mirada, CA but some opportunities are available for remote work depending on what you're wanting to do!

A good attitude, work ethic, and character is always desired far more than talent and experience!
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